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    Consulting and Management Company

  • What We Do

    Multidimensional Consulting and Management Firm that's been in business for over 17 years.


    We're on a mission to connect your business, your cause to the people who care the most. Professional Business Management Company.

    Mission: Thought Leaders + Vision + Consciousness

    Vision Building and strategic planning for companies, visionaries and businesses to launch expand or grow.


    We consult on:

    • A Deep Dive into your Business' DNA to plan, strategize and implement actionable steps in alignment with your Company and/or Personal Vision
    • PR and Outreach strategies that are in alignment with your company's Mission-Vision-Purpose
    • Research and Development into your Organization's strengths, weaknesses and opportunities being overlooked for expansion, growth, service and profitability. 

    Mission: Guidance + Protection + Prosperity

    Continued consulting and management services that provide continued growth strategies, guidance and profit maximization.


    Some of our outsourced CFO Services Include:

    • Providing financial strategies to increase profits and strategically grow.
    • Installing new financial processes and metrics.
    • Financially managing different phases of growth and plateau stages.
    • Asset Management.
    • Leading the financial aspects of a company’s expansion or acquisition.
    • Providing deeper understanding of the financial information to the leadership.
    • An in depth understanding and facilitation of the Metaphysics of Finance. The majority of success both financially and from every Visionary is 1st architected in the invisible that then materializes and shifts the physical. This is a grossly overlooked area that determines the success or failure of almost any business or project.
    • The Right Riches for you: Customized  strategies and solutions for both wealth creation and wealth preservation that is aligned with your mission, vision and purpose.
    • And of course the usual monthly services: accounting, bookkeeping, P&L statements and annual tax prep.

    Mission: Metaphysics + Ascension + Healing

    We can only go as far as we as leaders are willing grow. We provide Metaphysical Coaching and Biofeedback Services that enhance and expand the Human Potential so you company can continue to make an impact int he world.


    Our company has a branch fully dedicated to Metaphysical Coaching for Life, Business and Healing. Our business is a reflection of our personal growth and leadership abilities.


    Some of our Metaphysical Coaching Services Include:

    • Subconscious Biofeedback
    • Strategic Breakthroughs in all areas of your life
    • Impartation Calls
    • Strategy Calls through alignment with our Highest Calling
    • Providing Coaching and Guidance as you as an individual and business leader navigate our ever changing world
    • Healing and Relaxation Services from Soul to Cell
    • Cell to Soul Healing and DNA Activations
    • Personalized Retreats and Immersions that Transform and expand your Prosperity and Impact with Ease, Joy and Simplicity
    • Simplification of Life and Business applications specific to your desires, goals and gifts
  • Our Why

    We work with Causes and Businesses we believe in, treating yours as if it's our own.


    Since we embarked into the entrepreneurial world nearly 2 decades ago, we've aways had a passion to see businesses and causes succeed at the highest level. The greatest need in the marketplace we saw was a bridge between a phenomenal cause, business or individual and the people who care the most.


    The Bridge is an art, not just a skill as many have been led to believe. Mastering the art of communicating your cause to the people who care the most is what activates a social movement, where your customers become your family.


    We believe freedom is our unalienable right. When we work with you, we come along side of you to breathe life and independence into the mission and vision that you are bringing forth. Independence does not have to mean going alone though. Independence is greater when a team of consultants and advisors are with you step by step, guiding you through the potential pitfalls and perils of launching or expanding a cause into the hearts and minds of the people.


    We believe Prosperity is our birthright, and one that shouldn't take so much effort to achieve. We have found the natural state of prosperity is ease, joy and grace. Much more than just business consultants, our team is multidimensional. In addition to strategies, planning and marketing support; by law of connection, we activate the Prosperity force deep from within you that no hurdle, customer or other can ever take away. Our network runs deep and high, since Prosperity is a byproduct of Personal Growth and Evolution.


    We believe each one of us is born to leave a legacy. Have you ever heard the saying "the richest place is the graveyard?". Our mission on Earth is to help you leave a legacy, one that is uniquely yours. But it takes an individualized strategy and a team that understands your Vision seeing past this life into the Legacy you will leave behind. 


    Do you know there are people who have been praying for exactly what you offer? Let us help you answer their prayers. 

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